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I have been attempting to get answers to the many questions the latest Emergency Order has created. The phone numbers don’t help much and I was able to get the following information from MDHHS today:

MDARD has created a link on the State web site to the public health order:,9753,7-406-98158-535547–,00.html .

Information such as the FAQ , forms to request testing assistance and other documents are available on the State of Michigan Covid website,,9753,7-406-98178_101429—,00.html.  If you find yourself still having questions after reviewing the web materials, they should be directed to If MDARD can’t answer it, they will send it over to the appropriate DHHS staff for questions.

There really is not much help in the websites listed and I am trying to find a point person for questions in either MDHHS or MDARD. Neither seems to know how to answer the questions we have. I am still asking who from the industry helped them come up with their recommendations in the order. Please continue to send me your questions and suggestions that I can offer to the point person, when I get a contact.

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Goeff Hansen
Executive Director
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Cindy Ray
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