The USDA has finally added nursery crops and cut flowers to the CFAP payments as we sent out a notice yesterday. The percentages are not very high, 13.45-15.55% but we have at least been recognized for the losses incurred and for the importance of the industry. MGGC has continued to push for inclusion in the CFAP by joining other industry leaders in calls and letters outlining the size and importance of our industry. Thank you to all who have shared their loss data to show how hard the growers were hit with the quick onset of the government shutdown of business. The USDA has extended the deadline to September 11 for applications for relief. For more information, go to

MGGC is moving forward, with 171 other industry leaders, in a lawsuit against the Governor, MDHHS, and MDARD for the civil rights violations they have committed with the order for testing of all workers in the ag industries. The MGGC Board of Directors felt that an industry united would have a better chance for success, so we joined to present a larger voice. We have asked to an emergency motion for relief from the burdensome testing requirements placed on our industry. Hopefully we will receive the answer soon. Attached are FAQ’s that I have received from the group. I will continue to monitor the situation and report to you as needed.

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Cindy Ray
Author: Cindy Ray

Cindy has years of experience in association management and administrative support.