As this challenging week comes to an end, we still have things we are working towards to help move the industry forward. After the Governor’s executive order, we have been trying to advocate for any type of retail sales in the greenhouse business. This means looking at ways to market products without personal contact or danger of transmitting the disease to our customers or employees. We have been trying to push curbside pickup, delivery or possibly drive through service. I don’t see any changes to the Governor’s order until the infection rate and death rate go down considerably for several days.

Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council has signed on with AmericanHort, as well as several other groups around the country, in a letter to the USDA director Perdue asking for some assistance during this crisis with financial losses due to the government ordered shut down, as ordered by several states. Hopefully this will address the losses of product and sales that have been realized by the industry. Read that letter HERE.

I am still working with Senator Stabenow’s staff on the CARES Act funding for specialty crops and getting the greenhouse industry included in the final determination of need. We have sent several examples of potential losses to them and they are putting the final touches on their proposal to the USDA soon. I hope to hear of our inclusion before long,and will make sure I reach out, as soon as I have information about the application process.

This crisis has been a difficult time for our industry and emotions are running high with no answers to our many questions or a timeline for the end of this crisis. This weekend, take time to look around you at how incredibly blessed we are to have our faith, families and friends to help us through this time of need. I would like to wish everyone a blessed Easter.



Cindy Ray
Author: Cindy Ray

Cindy has years of experience in association management and administrative support.