120 N. Washington Square, Suite 1000

Lansing, MI 48933

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120 N. Washington Square, Suite 1000

Lansing, MI 48933

Questions? Call us!

Who We Are

MGGC is well established as a relevant and sustainable STATEWIDE voice for Michigan greenhouse growers, identifying and addressing issues and threats to profitability.

Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council

As a statewide organization, Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council (MGGC) realizes the importance of having a strong, cohesive association that represents the grower segment of our industry and focuses on public policy, legislation and keeping Michigan growers informed about relevant issues.

  • MGGC is a public policy organization that will make sure your views are expressed to public officials.
  • MGGC is an independent organization endorsed by Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) and the Western Michigan Greenhouse Association (WMGA).
  • The Council will not duplicate the programs of the MDFGA and WGMA, but will actively support beneficial legislation and oppose public policies that do not support Michigan’s floriculture and horticulture economy.

Policy Priorities

  • Preserve the agriculture exemption to encourage growth in the industry
  • Oppose real property taxation for energy-related equipment
  • Seek grower compensation for government ordered plant destruction
  • Ensure access to water. Continue to monitor water legislation and its impact on growers
  • Shift the responsibility of immigration laws and enforcement to the federal level/ away from growers
  • Eliminate unfair importation of products that take business from Michigan/US growers
  • Support continued communication between MGGC and the plant industry and the Pesticide Division of MDARD
  • Support an effective applied research and floriculture and horticulture marketing research agenda at MSU

For a complete picture of MGGC Policy Interests, click here.


Legislative Success

  • Sales/Use Tax Clarification – MGGC worked hard on HB4561 to get it passed and signed into law. It clarifies that greenhouse structures are not subject to sales or use tax.
  • 2018 Farm Bill – MGGC has successfully added language to the Farm Bill, which address crop insurance and indemnity to include greenhouse research. This should prevent situations like the 2003 Ralstonia crisis.

Board of Directors


Dave Mast
Andy Mast Greenhouses

Vice President

Kevin Sportel
Sportel Greenhouse


Mike Fassbender
Action Mold & Machining


Cindy Ray
MainStreet Legislative Consulting Services

Board Member

Joe Wojciechowski
WoJo’s Greenhouse & Farm

Board Member

Craig Stevens
DGI Propigators

Board Member

Dale Buist
Countryside Greenhouse

Board Member

Kurt Elders
Opel Growers

Board Member

Chris Schwartz
Schwartz’s Greenhouse

Allied Trade Member

Matt Staal
Dillen-ITML/ The HC Companies

Education Committee Member

Heidi Linberg
MSU Extension

WMGA Board Member

Scott Gruppen


MDFGA Board Member

Mark Watkins
BogieLake Greenhouse

Executive Director

Jared Rodriguez
MainStreet Legislative Consulting Services, LLC


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